About Us

About Drwalling Johannesburg

Drwalling Johannesburg  believe in our products and our work so much.  We can guarantee you that the next time we hear from you is to for another drywall in your home.

We aim to provide our customerswith a sense of safety and satisfaction when our work is done in their home.  Our drywall is made up of the highest and best grade quality that is not found in all the drywalling companies around.  This is something that we will not skimp on when giving our customers nothing but the best.

As Drwalling Johannesburg   are all aware, the risk of fires in our homes seems to be trend of late and there is no amount imaginable when losing your whole life in a fire.  Our high quality drywalling is so fire resistant that it will take hours and hours of a fire blazing before of the walls give in and burn down; giving you ample time to get you and your loved ones out the house.

Our professionalismand workmanship are of high importance to us.  We have our work done as closest to the deadline as possible.  The last thing we would want you to feel is like a stranger in your own home while construction is going on.

Call us today to ensure that your new family house is turned into your families dream home.