Drwalling Installation Johannesburg

Our A grade products guarantees you that you will be 100% safe in your own home and your home will be 100% safe when you’re not there.  Drwalling Installation Johannesburg finished job is so well done that you will forget what your home looked like before the construction started.  All our products are locally sourced and made.

Our high quality drywalling is so fire resistant that it will take hours and hours of a fire blazing before any of the walls give in and burn down.  Drwalling Installation Johannesburg  even have a pet friendly option that helps you install doggy doors with ease.  We even offer that at an extra service at no extra cost (as long as you supply the actual doggy door flap).  No more stressing about if your dog is eating at your walls and doors while you’re away and no more worrying if your house is being pulled apart by your new puppy.

When initial callout and quotation is done, absolutely everything will be explained to you by one of the amazing contractors that will be coming to your home.  Firstly, they will explain when and how the installation will be done, so you know that nothing underhanded is being done or built in your home.  Once that is done, they will sit with you and answer any and all questions you may still have.  Our contractors are there to make this transition into your dream home as quick and painless as possible.  Initial call out and full quotation does not take more than one hour of your time.

You, our customer, are our number one priority and we are here to help make your decision, to transform your home, the best decision you ever made.