Drywalling Repair Johannesburg

Drywall vs Plaster wall

  1. Drywalling Repair Johannesburg does not require as many labourers/contractors as plaster wall does.
  2. Drywall installation is a lot quicker than plaster wall which in the end costs you less money.
  3. Plaster wall requires a lot more time for different layers to dry whereasdrywall just goes up in one quick installation.
  4. Drywall boards are already cut to size before getting to your home, plaster wall has to be erected from the beginning in your home.

From the list above, you can clearly see what the right choice is?  The list only covers half of the great benefits drywalling is to plaster walls.

We offer a hassle-free quote with no obligations if you feel that you don’t like what we have to offer.  Initial call out does not take more than one hour.  Once you have accepted our quote, Drywalling Repair Johannesburg  come out to your home to install the best drywalling South Africa has to offer.  From there it is a smooth and safe ride to excellent service and a brand-new dream home.