Frequently asked questions regarding our drywalling products and construction/installation:

  1. With load shedding being implemented quite frequently, does this affect the deadline and time frame of when the job will be finished?

As you would be aware that we do use power tools when constructing your wall, electricity plays a very big part.  In saying that, we do have back up generators that would guarantee we still meet the deadline.

  1. We don’t know much about drywalling? Will our best options be discussed on the initial call out and quote?

Yes, most definitely.  We will not use words or terms you would not understand when explaining the best option for your home.  And we will not force you to make a decision you are not comfortable with.

  1. I’ve read drywalling is fire resistant? Tell me more?

Each job that is done in a home is constructed with the best products South Africa has to offer when it comes to fire resistance.  Once a job is done, you will be issued with a certificate from a reputable supplier we have used confirming that the drywall is fire rated.

  1. How do I go about getting a quote from your company?

Call us for a no obligation hassle free quote.  One of our sales reps will gladly assist you with any and all questions you may have.  You give us a rough spec of what you want done in your house and we give you a rough estimate of the installation, construction and cost.  You will be quickly on your way to your dream home.